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The most famous archeological sites can be found dotting the Yucatecan landscapes of Mexico’s Mayalands. The stock photo below is so well done that I chose it give you a vivid idea of Tulum’s exotic seascape.   Carving of the diver is inscribed within its mystical walls. Only two hours south of Cancún!

I found myself eating fresh fish tacos, talking to the local fisherman and gazing at the deep blue secrets of the Riviera Maya.

The Pyramid of the Magician, seen on the CNN iReport below, shines golden at the grand city-state of Uxmal located two hours southwest of Mérida and three hours west of Cancún. At an awesome sound and light show depicts what life was like several hundred years ago. With an elaborate artistic and design of architecture as well as astronomy and math, the Mayans were well advanced the Europeans at that time. The climb up this pyramid was one of the most challenging. Palenque which will be included later is another of my favorite climbs!

El Castillo is the majestic pride and joy of Chichén Itzá located between Mérida and Cancún. Every Spring and Autumn, the equinoxes attract hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe come to view the shadow of the serpent snake down the ornate outdoor staircase as the earth shifts its axis. Swimming in the magical cenotes, natural springs, can be found near the extensive site of Old & New Chichén Itzá. Truly an amazing sight.