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“This cartel-cult classic has something for everyone, young and old! A spirited, cognitive heroine; sexy, sassy partying side-kick; stoned-out young assassin; wise druglords; nefarious politicians; brave smuggling pilots, straight and gay; para-military cartel; gifted psychic healer; sacred Mayan ruins; magic mushrooms; decadent drugs. St. Clair has tapped into the current counter-culture of the Millenium.”
                                                      Sophia Mason The Mexican Rose September 2012 Example 4


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Sleep in Peace…

Unhandled Exception

I did not know Aaron Swartz, unless you count having copies of a person’s entire digital life on your forensics server as knowing him. I did once meet his father, an intelligent and dedicated man who was clearly pouring his life into defending his son. My deepest condolences go out to him and the rest of Aaron’s family during what must be the hardest time of their lives.

If the good that men do is oft interred with their bones, so be it, but in the meantime I feel a responsibility to correct some of the erroneous information being posted as comments to otherwise informative discussions at Reddit, Hacker News and Boing Boing. Apparently some people feel the need to self-aggrandize by opining on the guilt of the recently departed, and I wanted to take this chance to speak on behalf of a man who can no…

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Science & Space

If you want to see a roomful of people roll their eyes, just walk into a gathering of astronomers — or experts on ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, for that matter — and shout, “Mayan apocalypse!” For years now, the idea that the earth will be destroyed in a terrible cataclysm on Dec. 21, 2012, has been bouncing around the Internet and showing up in articles, books and even movies. It’s been the inspiration for get-rich-quick schemes. It’s like Y2K all over again, but at least that episode of end-of-world hysteria was reality-based.

(MORE:  Cinematic Visions of the Apocalypse)

The 2012 apocalypse, by contrast, is just plain nutty. An asteroid is not about to hit the earth. Neither is an imaginary planet called Nibiru. Our world isn’t going to be abruptly flipped upside down like a burger on a griddle. The earth won’t be plunged…

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Synopsis to The Méxican Rose (A Rosa Rios Romance Crime Thriller).

*****Amazon Five Star Reader Reviews *****.

The indie-writer movement has spawned a plethora of self-realizations over the last 18 months, thus having a domino effect in our day-to-day mundane routines that were once an ecstasy dream-filled haven of writer goals.

The fact that we indies feel compelled to be online and ever so-connected 24/7 may drive our friends and family insane. From whence we were held-up, in a sustaining self-hostage scenario, writing day and night, night and day, week after week and month after month, has to have alienated a few lovers and caused a few divorces. Not to mention our teenagers driving pins into cyber voodoo dolls as they curse us for paying them less attention than our laptops.

Alas, ’tis the curse, the double-edged sword of rebellious independence. Now that we have have finished our Stockholm Syndrome relationship with our novel, we create more work by becoming publicists, not just for ourselves but for our fellow writers. Not a mortal sin but a guilt-driven bond to help thy neighbor. As if that is not enough, we begin a blog and then a newsletter. Suddenly after a few interviews, we are now advisors to the literati. Yes we can ! Yes we must! But don’t forget to Twitter that blog and Facebook that newsletter…or is it the other way around…

I soon got on Reddit and then found several other NETWORKING sites recommended by an Online GURU only to find every waking hour filled with typing emails and trying to read every book under the E sun. Omg, am I having an HP Lovecraft epiphany or just carpal tunnel syndrome…. 

As I read other blogs and communiques from my beloved authors I noticed a funny thing. They soon were sending out emails explaining why they couldn’t keep sending out blogs. My conclusion was that indeed one does have to stop and smell the roses. That being online, on the mobile phone, laptop or iPad more than 8 hours a day was altering my creativity. “I am a human being not a human machine” I uttered to myself at the Starbucks at Plaza Hollywood in Cancun.  But I looked around and found every Mexican inside and out on their mobile or lapto even while they chatted to another human being. the conciousness had been altered. That Orwellian feeling overcame my entire body as I rushed to the bathroom to escape the overwhelming state of cyber chaos. I slapped cold water onto my blushing face. I quickly snapped out it and realized that I was dreaming within a dream.

My crowing rooster alarm awakened me as I lay across the keyboard, the sun rising above the thatched roof outside my bungalow. I could smell the tequila from the night before and noticed my long list of notes and to-do list.

I read the list outloud and began writing….All The Right Moves….