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The Medicated States of America.


When I started my first full length novel, THE MÉXICAN ROSE: HOUSE OF CARTELS on the Fourth of July 2011, I didn’t realize how this would be such a labor of love when I plowed night and day to nuture this extensive writing project. If you are a writer then you know the drill…write, rewrite, read, reread, edit and re-edit and finally…proof read!

Fast fwd, not so fast…My years of exploring and traveling México for nearly 5 decades gave me a plethora of ideas, events and locales to draw from…a deep well of wealth. They say wealth is knowledge…or is knowledge is wealth?

My first computer was an Atari 400 and when I wanted to get online I had to put my phone in a cradle, dial a number and I got AOL…in 1982! Little did I know, uhg, how I h8 cliches, that I would be here blogging much less publishing a full blown novel via the internet on Amazon next month on the FOURTH OF JULY. I didn´t even know it was called the world wide web until I saw a Juan Valdez Colombian Coffe ad and back then they used a spiders web to show how they were online with How far we have come.

Where I live in the Méxican Caribbean, the Mayans predicted that the world would end in December, the 21st to be exact. But come to find out, it was more of a ploy by the Méxican government born out of the need to ramp up tourism because of the atrocities being played out on the international news. YES, there is a cartel civil war but it is somewhat, I use the word carefully, that it is somewhat more on the US borders and the Gulf and Pacific coasts. Thank the Gods, Mayan I think. The Mayans say it is not the end of their calender and btw, the never disappeared either. So no armageddon, hopefully. Perhaps global warnings, we shall see.

But I have shamefully, umm, may be not so much, used the world around me to write the first installment of  THE MÉXICAN ROSE: HOUSE OF CARTELS THRILLOGY! I actually wrote two novels but one must read the first for the second: AMERICAN BEAUTY, to make sense. I light candles to draw the postitive energy of readers and reviewers for great praises and accolades.

Writing a novel is as if you are bearing a child, whether you are male or female, and today I got my final edit from my Editor in Chief, Heidi Medina. We have bounced the baby back and forth, gave it sonograms and have felt the wrath of morning sickness after allnighters. I know, get the pen and scissors out to put a few touches and cut the umbilical chord. If I publish by the FOURTH OF JULY, it will have been exactly a year. Full Circle.


The Méxican Rose is the first novel in the House of Cartels Thrillogy taking broad strokes across México’s dystopian landscape.  

Enter heroine protagonist, Rosa Ríos, a housewife and teacher turn political activist, hell-bent on seeking justice and her husband’s murderers. Rosa and Mercedes, her drug-addled sister, hook up with Bruce Johnson, a humble redneck pilot and Ponchis, a hot-headed hired sexy assassin, as they criss-cross México past military checkpoints, deadly cartels and Presidente Karlos Arroyo. All while the surreal Narco Drug-Cartels battle back the divisional politics of the Méxican Neo-Conservatives as they both fight to control the multi-billion dollar underground drug industry.
Rosa receives spiritual guidance from gifted healer and psychic, Tamara Castro, as she elevates the coming 2012 Armageddon equation to the next level in a country whose relentless spirit rises literally from the ashes of broken souls and broken families.
The Méxican Rose is gently spiced with sex and laced with drugs while the main players jet set through the mystical Mayan pyramids to the magical jungle of Tulum, to the blood-drenched seaside of Acapulco and high-flying cities of Cancún,  and Dallas, where La Familia  Cartel and the Knights of Malverdes throw down the gauntlet.  
The nefarious machinations of America’s Vice President, México’s Presidente, Sinaloa cartel leader El Chaparro and Los Aztecas General Marcos Martinez distort the world’s view of geo-political industries, gun running and drug smuggling.
Alex St. Clair dares to tread where many reporters and authors fear to go.
You’ll laugh, cry…be sad and mad while getting an adrenaline head rush and heart-throb. This first novel will make your spine tingle wanting another dose of House of Cartels: American Beauty, the second book of the Thrillogy, due out in the fall 2012.

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Alex X. St. Clair