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Science & Space

If you want to see a roomful of people roll their eyes, just walk into a gathering of astronomers — or experts on ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, for that matter — and shout, “Mayan apocalypse!” For years now, the idea that the earth will be destroyed in a terrible cataclysm on Dec. 21, 2012, has been bouncing around the Internet and showing up in articles, books and even movies. It’s been the inspiration for get-rich-quick schemes. It’s like Y2K all over again, but at least that episode of end-of-world hysteria was reality-based.

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The 2012 apocalypse, by contrast, is just plain nutty. An asteroid is not about to hit the earth. Neither is an imaginary planet called Nibiru. Our world isn’t going to be abruptly flipped upside down like a burger on a griddle. The earth won’t be plunged…

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The Medicated States of America.

After watching this year’s election from afar as an Ex-Patriate in Mexico, I was elated by the increased pressure on marijuana legalization and the waning resistance overall in the electorate.  For those just waking up and smelling the ganja, HELLO…Colorado and Washington (no, not the General and President that grew it for hemp and ‘other’ uses) States passed laws for making possession legal under four ounces. While law enforcement struggles with massive loads dropping onto US shores and borders, growers and consumers alike were lighting up in celebration. Touché!

When opponents argued that pot or weed or whatever you want to call your flavor with a plethora of code names like ‘Strawberry Cough’ or “Black Widow’, is a gateway drug, I recall my high-school days when we first smoked a joint. But our gateway drugs were actually cigarettes, coffee, alcohol and hairspray. All legal. The ‘killer dope’ we smoked was relegated to weekends and honestly not that great. If we smoked what today’s youth or elderly for that matter gets, well we would be a much better society.  The creative juices would be flowing like the Rio Grande River in spring.

Nonetheless, America does have a drug problem. Not only do we consume most of the oil pumped out of the planet, we consume the majority of drugs. Let’s list them why don’t we. Hmm…Prescription: Xanax, Adderall, Oxycotin, Vicodin, Percoset, Seconal, Codeine, Zoloft, Allegra, Lunesta and on and on. Anyone in your household or job do these? Did I mention Lance Armstrong, Hulk Hogan and Barry Bonds and STEROIDS?

_59737567_mexico_cartel_apr2012_464Next, the US neighbor to the south Make’Sicko…Mexico is the biggest producer of Marijuana and Heroin, biggest manufacturer of Methamphetamine and Ecstasy, biggest importer/exporter of cocaine…and then there´s all those pharmaceuticals including ketamine and painkillers galore. And who is consuming over 50% of the billion dollar drug industry? Uncle Sam´s Club! America the BEAUTIFUL!

So maybe in the not too distant future, America will wake and legalize marijuana nationwide. Think of all the jobs created. More cab drivers, bakers, artists, musicians, all catering to the stoned out masses and maybe weening all the junkies turned zombies roaming across those wide open spaces (on land of course).

Let´s hope some good and progress come out of these new laws. And that the real bad guys are locked up (Wall Street bankers, Polluters, Crooked Politicians) and that the Medicated States of America get their priorities straight. No pun intended. Ok, pun intended….Pfffftttt…