My E-Book Learning Curve

Posted: August 30, 2012 in E-Book Publishing
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When I started out to write my first novel I, like most ‘aspiring’ writers, became overwhelmed at the sheer enormity of the task of E-Book publishing. One reads and sees some many cliches along the way. Jaded, aspiring, amazing, awesome are just some of the well of adjectives one comes across on a daily if not on an hourly basis.

Feeling that abyssmal feeling that that it would never end, I found solace listening to writer’s interview on the BBC’s World Book Club. I searched the archives and found one of my favorite and ‘inspiring’ authors, Carlos Fuentes. He related a story from his younger years in writing. How he became reclusive and simply became sick from the process. I concluded that, to use a cliche, ‘no pain, no gain’. Your friends all look at you as if it’s been a lifetime since they’ve seen or spoken to you. Caffeine is your best friend and the corner bakery is the culprit in your weight gain. But at the end of the interview, he said he jumped into the ocean on the Dutch coast where he and his parents lived to celebrate his finishing his novel.

The name escapes me now but I find that same ritual has been the therapeutic relief I needed so into the Caribbean sea I go. After the salt-water baptism, I go back and realize I now have to finish editing and proofreading with my intern team. Next we load up and publish on Amazon and go through the process again to clean the glitches and overlooked typos, some I swear are digital gremlins that somehow manage to irritate everyone.

The next challenge is listening to the pros and cons of the KDP Select Program so you idle while deciding and then understand that the process gets bigger when you are building contacts on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads. But 29.95 you can get Kindle Nations to rescue the Free Giveaway promo. Better than paying 99.95 for online seminars that all seem to replicate the same advice you can find if you search it out. The difference is that you join and pay to in a community of writers or do the piecemeal method. So the higher price is appealing.

In all, I think the writing community is getting as organized as Labor Unions or Teacher Unions and the tsunami of the Kindle explosion is just the tip of digital iceberg.

Join me in that Union.

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