Synopsis to The Méxican Rose (A Rosa Rios Suspense/Crime Thriller)

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Synopsis, The Mexican Rose: House Of Cartels Trilogy
The Méxican Rose is the first book in the House of Cartels Trilogy or as I like to call it “Thrillogy”. I take a broad brush, painting across Mexico’s dystopian landscape from my many experiences.
Rosa Rios takes you on a spiritual journey of passion, adventure and romance.
The sur-reality setting of the overwhelming Narco Drug-Cartels battling back the divisional politics of the Neo-Conservative PDC, Party of the Democratic Christians, led by Presidente Karlos Arroyo Salinas sets the stage as they fight to control the multi-billion dollar underground drug industry.
Rosa Ríos Del Valle, a housewife and teacher, turns political activist bent on seeking her husband’s murderers. Rosa and her new allies, Mercedes the drug-addled sister and Ponchis, a hired assassin criss-cross Mexico past military checkpoints and deadly cartels. Rosa seeks the aid and advice of Tulum healer and psychic, Tamara Castro, as she elevates the coming 2012 Armageddon equation to the next level and experience a country whose relentless spirit rises literally from the ashes of broken souls and broken families. 
The Mexican Rose is peppered with sex and salted with drugs while the players jet set over the ancient Mayan ruins of Palenque, the blood-drenched tourist resort of Acapulco. La Familia, Los Aztecas and Knights of Malverdes throw down the gauntlet in turf battles across Mexico’s urban war zones blurring the boundaries of loyalties.  
A Tea Party Texas Governor, a Mexican President, a Sinaloa Cartel Drug Lord and a Para-military General all distort the world’s view of geo-political weapons and drug smuggling.
I dare to tread where many Mexican news reporters fear to go by using factual fiction.
You´ll will be getting a head rush and heart-throb from the abundant action. This first novel will make your skin tingle while wanting another dose of House of Cartels: American Beauty, the second book of the Thrillogy, due out in December 2012.
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  2. alexxstclair says:

    Aug 28, 10:04 pm
    Follow Edgar de La Hoya
    La Rosa Mexicana

    Una realidad exhaustiva de la injusticia y corrupcion que vive un país, en vías de desarrollo, donde la impunidad y corrupción forman parte del día a día.

    Una primera saga de lo que se puede vivir en un país donde las clases sociales están sujetas a cambios imprevistos realizados por células criminales que manejan todas las esferas del poder y en donde los simples mortales forman parte de un escenario, de violencia, asesinatos, y abusos por los dueños del poder.

    Rosa Ríos una mujer que cuenta esta y todas sus vivencias en una historia que te trasportara de la realidad a la realidad pasando por una ficción y acción que aunque parezca increíble, lo podrás constatar en La Rosa Mexicana.

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